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I love Wheel of Fortune.
It's one of those rare television game shows you can really interact with at home on a high level. Sadly, I have witnessed as many meltdowns as I have epic performances on the show. Someone people don't handle the bright lights of the show well.
Last week, in what has to be one of the most bizarre moments in Wheel of Fortune history, a contestant named Nura Fountano trolled a national audience by calling out obscure letters repeatedly during the speed-up round.
Nura was all over the place on this one, guessing "z," "x," and even shooting blanks on multiple occasions during the puzzle.
Even Pat Sajak was confused.
Sajak: “Now may I ask you a question?”
Nura: “Sure.”
Sajak: “You called some unusual letters in that round?”
Nura: “That’s what I saw.”
Sajak: “Well that was an unsatisfactory answer but she’s not under oath.”
In her defense (slightly,) she was up 14,000 dollars on her opponents, so maybe she wanted to let them walk away with a cash prize.
Unfortunately, Nura didn't do solid math on this one and it nearly cost her the game. There were 13 consonants in the puzzle, each worth $1600 for a potential of $17,800. By not guessing letters, Nura allowed her opponents to possibly overtake her for the overall lead.

Should I congratulate Nura for being or good sport, or no? I'm so confused here.

Tbh, if I had that great of a lead, I would try to do the same thing. And she didn't make a big deal about it, which is awesome! Small things like this make the world a little brighter.
That was a burn, Pat Sajak. @BeannachtOraibh Bahahaha, that's a good tactic. Just waste the time by calling out weird letters.