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Who knew that sweat could be so valuable?
The good people at the Eco Gym in Glenview, Illinois came to a friendly agreement with all members of the gym: The longer you workout, the less you pay in monthly membership fees.
At The Eco Gym in Glenview, Illinois, the electricity generated by treadmills (and other exercise equipment) is used to power the entire facility.
The general manager of the Glenview Eco Gym, broke down their unique membership discounts during a recent interview:
The way the flex-rate membership works is that for your visit to register as a “workout” you just need to spend thirty minutes or more here. If you total twenty six visits or more [in a month], that month will cost you zero dollars. Our cardio equipment does produce [much of the gym’s] electricity via kinetic energy, but we also have solar panels up on the roof — so we’re not too strict that [customers] use a specific piece of equipment.

Sounds like this is the place to be for all of my fellow Vinglers in the state of Illinois!

This is mind blowing.....gyms are usually looking for ways to make more money so their customers won't come to the gym as often!
This is actually really cool! They are rewarding loyal costumers!
Wow!! I need one of these here!
Pretty weird, but cool lol.