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I mean, we all knew he was crazy.

For the past five years - for of which he spent with the Jets - Rex Ryan has made a career of being a very DECENT (not great) coach with a very very big mouth.

He did it in New York and some say that's why he got run out of town. Too much talking, not enough winning.

With the Jets set to play the Ryan's new team, the Bills, on Thursday night, we knew that Rex would be in the media flapping his gums.

And he has not disappointed us.

Remember IK Enemkpali? The below-average defensive end who punched Geno Smith in the face during the preseason, costing Geno his starting job and forcing him to get surgery?
Remember him?

He's the Bills' captain for the Jets vs. Bills game. You can thank Rex Ryan for that.

Geno had the starting job locked down and was ready to go and lead the Jets as far as he could. Then, Enemkpali came out of nowhere in the locker room and rocked him in the jaw.
Reports said it was because Geno hadn't paid Enemkpali back a few hundred bucks he owed him. Who cares? Enemkpali was cut immediately by the Jets and Ryan swooped him right back up with Buffalo, no doubt with this game in his mind.

There's no question about it: Rex is just playing around.

He's toying with the Jets, trying to scare them ahead of a big game in the AFC Wild Card race.
I mean, check out his comment above. He's just ASKING FOR IT!

What do my NFL fans think? Is Rex trying to start something where he should really just let the players play? Or is it good for a coach to try to rile up the opponents before the game?

@jeff4122 Well he better start winning some games first hahaha
@mchlyang that's always been his problem hahs
He's trying to play the mind game........but it's not going to be effective if he doesn't start winning haha
>.> He's just being his annoying self. No love lost from me about him. Sounds like he's just trying to be a jerk.
@mchlyang hopefully he doesn't start tonight against the Jets! Big game