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Jimmy Kimmel has a hit on his hands in regards to his "celebrity read mean tweets" "segment.
After watching the latest segment I wondered: Do people let loose on their favorite cartoon characters with this same level of intensity?
I guess Big Head Media heard my cries, as they put together a segment of things we have all screamed at the screen at our favorite characters while playing a video game.
No one was spared mercy on this one, as they let loose on Sonic, Lara Croft and more.
They even bought Link to tears mid-segment with the harsh tweet on deck. The impersonations aren’t perfect, but it’s a fun watch anyway. I can't wait to see the next one. Hopefully we get a wider range of tweets and better actors on deck.
I saw Geralt and was like "Yay!!" then when i saw he didnt have that raspy sound to his voice i just shook my head and thought they couldve at least tried... I mean, Im a girl and I can do his voice!
Bahahaha, I love Wario in this. I think it's his epic mustache.