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4 Fashion Films Every True Fashion Girl Should Love

You grew up wanting to be them.

Living vicariously through them was as close as you came until you got old enough to take care of yourself. They graced the hallways and the office buildings in their Sunday's best, although every day was Sunday when it came to their wardrobe. It didn't matter how many times you saw these films because every single time felt like the first time.
You dreamt of living that life and making it yours -- from the perfect job to being on trend with the latest fashion. You watched it and you lived it [or plan to]. If this happens to be you, keep scrolling to see the four fashion films that every fashion lover should know like the back of their hand.

Fashion Film #1: Breakfast At Tiffany's

Because who wouldn't want to wear black a-line dresses and pearls every day?

Fashion Film #2: Clueless

Having two best friends who is just as posh as you are? It doesn't get much better than that.

Fashion Film #3: Sex And The City

Because well, Carrie Bradshaw. Simply put.

Fashion Film #4: Confessions Of A Shopaholic

For those girls who love fashion and writing -- or you just happen to be a shopaholic.

If you're a true fashionista than you know these films very well.

What's your favorite fashion film?
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