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Hey guys im back with another SOTD!!
And i've been on a little Big Bang spree lately so.....WHY NOT CONTINUE IT <3


Today we're doing a little bit of a throwback to 2008
"Ahh so long ago"
Lemme explain i was watching their concert on DramaFever and when this song came one i was like AHHHHHHH
(Their MADE Tour is also up TODAY so go make an account and watch it)
C'mon if you're gonna listen to the song you might aswell watch it live :D
Like they're so fetus ~(^.^)~ Look at my sons!!!
(they might be older than me but they're still my sons lol)
VIPs drop your bias in the comments and lets celebrate together FIGHTING!!!
@kat121 there was an update on the site, i asked the staff and they said 10 EST (which is sort of cool because of that's when the actual concert started at the venue) but I just wanted to let you know the official timing so you didn't have to wait all night thinking "where is the video" :P
@AkiraCondry Thank you! heh at least I know why, I'm a little early. c:
@kat121 it should be up around 6pm EST , if you dont live in North America it wont be available for you, but i did make a card explaining how you can view it if you're not in NA >>>
T.T drama fever says it's unavailable. whaat.
so hard to pick a bias....but, I think T.O.P would be my first pick 😍