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I really underestimated Death Note!! When i first heard of it, I thought it wasnt interesting and looked boring but i recently decided to give it a try.....and its actually really amazing never again will I judge an anime before actually trying to watch it!!! Ps. I started watching the drama they made of it before the anime!! lol
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@Gabri3l my boyfriend bought me the complete anime series. Then I have the 3 live actions. All I need now is to finish my manga collection. I only have 4 vol. of deathnote so far -.-'
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@kamijo woah thats great ive recently started collecting manga series! Im trying to get higurashi no naku koro ni entire anime series discs also!
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L looks cool but the actor needs to bag his eyes a little more. Then he'll have L's signature baggy eyes.
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@Gabri3l I have so many now. I trying to complete many of them now. The haistings I go to sells used manga for about 2$ that's how I've found a lot of new ones I like.
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one of the best anime written by far!
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