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It's almost the end of the year... Well, yeah, it's still November, but, the year is going to end soon~!! SO: In order to end the year with satisfaction...
I want YOU to fill out a form! It's on Google Forms, and it's TOTALLY anonymous. I believe that you DON'T have to have a Google account, nor you have to be logged in. So fill out the form! The goal is to get 500 responses by DECEMBER 31, 2015. So far, we only have 109 responses (but that's just on Google+! Vingle Community Hwaiting!)... ㅜㅡㅜ
Here is the link for the form (either click on the blue word, or click on this link!)

Special Present (not really) from CurrySoop!

If you fill out the form, (I do know if you've turned it in or not... hehehe) just comment with some request that you would like to make. I'll raffle those, and the selected 3 will have their wish granted~ (don't ask for your oppa. I can't do that XD). Oh, but if you don't comment, I won't have to do anything~ (depends if everyone reads all the way down to here). The raffle will take place on November 30, 2015.

Commenters! Please comment which ultimate bias you put, then request! Gamsa~!

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@CurrySoop Jackson Wang from Got7
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umm sunggyu from infinite my request is anything related to him
2 years ago·Reply
mark from got7 anything related to Mark
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