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Chloe Elizabeth Price is the second protagonist in Life is Strange. She was Max's best friend before she moved to Seattle, leaving Chloe in their hometown of Arcadia Bay, Oregon. They rekindle their friendship during the events of the game. Chloe was best friends with Rachel Amber before she went missing. She is the daughter of William and Joyce Price, and the step-daughter of David Madsen. Chloe is a stubborn, mischievous and rebellious young woman. She is somewhat of a bad influence on Max. She is the archetypal punk-rocker, expressed in both her music taste and style. She is bold and outgoing, has a big mouth and loves to take risks. She can be prone to angry outbursts, and has serious issues with abandonment and trust after her father's death, Max's move to Seattle, and the disappearance of her new best friend Rachel Amber. Due to all her bad experience over the years, she has become resentful of life and convinced that there wasn't really anyone who actually cared about her and who she could trust as "everybody (just) cares until they don't". She sometimes is very insensitive to other people's feelings and is possessive as she always wants her best friends' attention for herself and gets grumpy if they don't spare their time for her. She can also be very irresponsible, such as when she says to Max that if she doesn't blame someone else, it's her fault. She's clearly unwilling to accept it. Nonetheless, Max considers her a "good friend who shows up when you need her". Chloe often drinks alcohol and smokes. She has had previous problems with drug addiction in the past, evident from her step-father's comment about weed being a big deal for her, as well as her large debt with the drug dealer Frank Bowers. Chloe is an amazing character. I love her style and she is another favorite!
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