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Favorite anime to watch?? Currently for me I'm torn between FMA BROTHERHOOD and FAIRY TAIL ONE PIECE. I honestly can't decide. They are all getting to that point where I hold my breath and almost pass out watching them. Even though I've seen brotherhood 20+ times still gets me every time! I seriously cry and smile when reading every chapter of Fairy Tail I'm currently reading, which I'm reading the end of grand magic games so vol 38 just started even though I'm up to date watching episodes. It's anime love. NAKAMA for life!!
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@gabbycalzada haha. This is the perfect place. Anyone and everyone can always discuss anime and manga around me. Never will get old.
@LuffyNewman why won't it get old?
@gabbycalzada anime and manga can never get old to me. Even if I watch the same ones everyday. Which I have done with a lot of anime and ghibli films. And manga lol, my passion and sense of respect for anime and manga are too great for it to get old. Plus it's amazing and I want my future in the manga and anime world. I can't get enough haha
My favorite animes are: •Tokyo Ghoul •Assassination Classroom •Kamisama Hajimemashita (literally watched this anime so many times that I lost count) •Vampire Knight •Kaichou wa Maid-sama