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The car company Uber is infamous for sleek taxis, street side pick ups, and crazy prices at prime time hours. However, this Veterans Day, Uber and the newest car company Lyft are really stepping up and showing just how amazing their services can be.
Uber has partnered up with the White House and is offering 10,000 free rides to Veterans who need to go to job interviews, need rides due to disabilities, or work in remote places where public transportation isn't easily accessible. They have made their appreciation to the Veterans known by stating; "It takes tremendous sacrifice and commitment to be a service member. We are proud to strengthen our commitment to you, and we salute you this Veterans Day and every day." Lyft has also offered thousands of free rides to the veterans of our nation.
So, what can you do to help Veterans? TAKE AN UBER OF COURSE !! Uber has stated that today, Veterans Day, any user can donate $5 to the program to add on to their already increasing free rides!! In this day an age, 60% of our homeless population are veterans who come back from defending our country and have been unable to adjust to life after war. Something as simple as a free ride will make all the difference.
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