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@jessicalnichols Thanks for suggesting this and thank you for following!!!!

These girls are the baddest females in the industry in my opinion. Their style, voices, and videos are always beast.

CL and Minzy are my biases for this band. You couldn't pay me to choose between them tbh lol.


Who's your favorite girl group??

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@baileykayleen I love f(x) and Sistar. I'm also a fan of Brown Eyed Girls!
These queens are my favorite and probably the only girl group I can listen to all day! They are perfect CL is obviously queen but it's a close tie with her and Bom , Bom is legitimately my spirit animal she's the cutest person ever but seriously this whole group slays life and then some Im soo excited for there comback
@thePinkPrincess BEG! Miryo is babes. Did you like their new comeback?
brown eyed girls for sure narsha and jea are my bias for that group but 2ne1 is a close second and cl is definitely my bias for that group
@baileykayleen omg yes!!!!! I loved warm hole. And miryo is NY bias too lol