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Some people are just mermaids at heart (we know who we are). We dream of the ocean, smell the salt, and will only swim with our hair down. But sometimes, reality really cramps our style and we find ourselves a little to far from the shoreline. So here are some survival tips for when the sea is just calling your name yet you find yourself land locked.
1. Take lots of pretty colored baths I know I've mentioned this before in another card but Lush bath bombs seriously turn a bath into a magical place where all your wishes come true. Toss in a bright blue or green one and twirl around in your own Caribbean Sea.
2. Wear pearls We all know mermaidsand pearls go hand in hand because ... They just do! But don't worry, wearing pearls won't make you look like a grandma at all. Rock them on your nails, around your neck, or even in your hair. You will feel more at one with the sea in no time.
3. Visit/work at the aquarium closest to you! You might be far from your second home (the ocean) but that doesn't mean it can't come to you!! Walk amongst the jelly fish and turtles. And if you're lucky, land a job that gets you in the tank with them. P.S. In Vagas you can actually get a job as a mermaid and just swim around a huge tank in own of their restaurants #merica.
Don't worry my fellow mermaids; while winter might be coming, we can never stop listening to the sea!! And really what's the fun in accepting boring old humanity anyway?
@InPlainSight It still has @lizarnone in it, so it will always be beautiful. <3
@danidee PS if you were a significant other of mine, a bath bomb would be a fart in a shared bath, otherwise known as a depth charge.
Dude, I actually saw bath bomb making kits on Amazon once upon a time. I've always wanted to try it out myself because the bath bombs at Lush at hella expensive!
@danidee @InPlainSight well this conversation took some very crazy turns haha LOVE YOU BOTH! And the fart BOMB is hysterical. Typical merman
@danidee You are indeed correct, @lizarnone is a strawberry blonde personification of amazeballs.
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