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How to create this easy bow design (:
You can use any colors you want but I used mint green, white and black. I only used the dotting tool to apply the diamond to the nail and the palet there are all the different types of diamonds I have. (The black is a nail striper)
Color the whole nail white and with my black striper I created that kind of triangular bow shape. It doesn't need to be perfect, you're going to fill it in after you created the shape.
With the mint green color I chose, I just did that like in this first picture on both sides of the bow. Then with the black striper I just outlined the green.
Then add the diamond if you'd like, add the top coat to it and you're done!
This was my creation the first time on my nails but I didn't get to take pictures of it while I was doing it so thats why I did it on a fake nail. Hope this was helpfull to some! Let me know if you tried this out (:
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