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So Min Suga is my ultimate bias RUINER! Like its not even OK anymore lol. I follow BTS_national on twitter as well as other BTS fan clubs and these past two days they've been posting a lot of pics from BTS recent performances/activities...and I see the pics of Suga and I'm just like.....shit
Like holy shit look at this guy!? How is someone so...so...like damn. I don't even know <3
top 3 reason Suga from BTS is my ultimate bias. wel...he can prolly explain why himself lol
geez where do I even start...he isn't even my bias...but 1. His talent with music is just awesome as well as his passion for it. 2. He's really full of surprises! He's pretty straight forward and says what he thinks. He's a good MC, does aegyo randomly, he's funny even when he doesn't mean to be. And the DOPE MV I was so happy when Suga was in the the front for the choreography and was having sooo much fun dancing!! like it was awesome and a little surprising! PLUS he always said he liked basketball then during the idol competition he totally just DESTROYS and shows off his skills! Suga is just full of surprises! 3. He has so much swag and charisma on stage and he always has this cool vibe to him (I guess that's swag? lol) off stage he always has these moments and we can all just relate to him in these moments. #relatableyoongi ^^
I mean..look at this guy.. eyeliner looks fantastic on him and he's kind of dork as all the BTS members are. lol Min Suga, the dad of BTS ^^
also holy shit look at J-Hope <3 such a cutie~ J-Hope is my bias from BTS <3 ^^
<3 bias and bias ruiner dancing together <3 (holy shit this is my new fav gif btw) I CHALLENEGE YOU KPOP VINGLE FAMILY Make a card with your ULTIMATE Kpop bias ruiner (or at least one of your bias ruiners) and the top 3 reasons why then follow with saying who your bias of that group is! Simple enough right xD have fun~
ugh Suga is trying for me as well. and I keep fighting it , but he keeps surprising me with random cuteness and I'm just like... ugh why you make me love you??!?!? lol
ah cool suga is my second bias heh but I agree with all of this