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I am currently making a new manga series. If you are interested, send me an email at dusclopsduskull@gmail.com for more info. You can find out more about the manga and you can order one of the first copies when it comes out. I will mail it to you, all you gotta do is ask.
That will be an awesome manga NAKAMA!! I def will be ready to read it. I will share a little of mine, mine is about a boy and a girl who are seperate but have the powers to turn their dreams into reality is the simple version. They have to be awake and aware but it's kinda like how I live my life haha, I would call it more of day dreaming as their ability and can create a world anew but have to be careful of what is brought and changed into their world and how it gets filled. A little minor influence from inception when it comes to seeing people's dreams and such. Plot keeps getting thicker and deeper and I still find myself developing my characters and the world is hard to obtain a solid object since it always changes in a way but there is some twists in it with the idea of being make believe or reality. Hence the name.
i got the mine kinda based off Heaven's Lost Property but mine is less comedic and only has 1 angel guarding only one man. Her job is to protect said man and every time she kills a creature that wants to hirt the man, she gets a black feather, and as her wongs get more black feathers, the more she changes in personaloty until she gets to be a dark angel
@JacEmmons awesome NAKAMA! Mine kinda came from the origin of the manga and main character. Likewise as well.
yeah its the name. i think that yours sounds good tho.
i like how im just here reading this
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