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This is a great project for decorating your home or apartment for Thanksgiving or just for the late fall season. This DIY project is incredibly easy and the main material is something you can get easily for free — pinecones! This DIY tutorial comes from the creative people at The Sweetest Occasion.


For this project, you will need:
-- Pine cones (you can find these outside or you can buy them from a craft store) — about 10
-- Twine
-- Gold spray paint
-- Gold leaf + adhesive (available at most craft stores)
-- Foam brushes
-- Clear spray sealant
-- Screw eye hooks (you can find these at a hardware store)
-- Pliers

Apply adhesive

Use the foam brush to apply adhesive to the entire pinecone. Follow the directions on the adhesive for the correct drying time for the adhesive.

Apply the gold leaf

Wrap the gold leaf around the pinecone. Push the gold leaf onto the pinecone leaves. Some of the gold leaf will flake off, but that's completely fine, as long as some stays on the pinecone.

Screw in the screw hooks

Spray paint the screw hooks with the gold paint and let those dry. Then, use the pliers to screw in the screw hooks into the bottom of the pinecones. Repeat these steps on the other pinecones.

String the twine through the screw hooks

Take a long piece of twine and string the pinecones onto the twine. Then, tie a knot in the twine to keep the pinecone where you want it to be.

String up in your living space and enjoy!

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Aww this is so cute!! So warm and so fall ^-^