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So I'm thinking it's #2 or #3 just because they linked their arms together, so I think they are the love interests. I could be wrong. I always end up falling for the second lead male in every drama. #idk#reply1988#kdrama
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@kpopandkimchi I just finished Cheer Up and fell so hard for Ji Soo's character dangit.
@JanetLeonardo91 lol I did too. at first I was doing so well by shipping her with only Kim yeol but then I developed major second lead syndrome in the camping episode
I'm in love with 4. His lips are ZOMG!!
Well now we know it's either 3 or 4. I like 4 the most so I want him to have whatever he wants, but the girl is suoer annoying; ESPECIALLY after that thing with the gloves....uuggghhhhh
@Kamiamon. Yes she annoyed me with that as well. 3 is sweet 4 puts her in her place. I'm conflicted because if the second lead is who I think it is.. lemme reach into the screen and take him.