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But who will win ??? I'm pretty sure Gildarts but let's analyze !
What to say about this guy... Well he fought both Natsu and Gajeel some of the strongest in the guild and pretty much beat them and is said to be stronger then makarav(may be wrong) but he took on a whole guild by himself and won without a scratch and one hit an immortal demon not once but twice. He is not only good with magic but is also a very strong and very powerful hand to hand fighter
Now we don't know much about Gildarts so I will go off what I know.. The father of Cana and said to be the strongest wizard in fairy because he can explode anything on touch. He is also very fast and a very good fighter. These too are both extremely powerful and Gildarts will have an edge here but can Laxus still over come Gildarts or will he be destroyed ....
gildartz fought acnologia and lived. enough said. he would win
guys guys.... I think we all know who willl win this.... definitely Wendy
You guys SUCK!!! lol I'll remember this...
I like Laxus a lot, but Gildarts would kick his butt just as badly as he would Natsu.
gildarts fought Acnologia by himself at on point and lived...... I vote Gildarts.
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