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Plastic Memories is such a good anime. It made me laugh, cry, and learn to cherish the moments I have with others. I really love this anime because I feel like it helped me grow as a person. That's the type of anime I've been watching recently. This anime is up on my list with Oregairu and Angel Beats. I highly recommend it and hope you like it as well
I swear I'm not crying as I right this card. Okay, maybe a little bit of crying... Okay, there is a lot of crying going on.
Although this anime is an emotional rollercoaster, I still had fun watching it. Going through the good and bad times. I will forever cherish this show and what it means to me. I will always remember what I learned from Plastic Memories. And Isla, I hope that one day, you are reunited with the person you cherish. T~T End of feel trip