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Happy Veterans Day!!
I am an American Veteran, and served my country proudly!! I want to take this moment to salute ALL military veterans, as well as those who are currently serving, and those who are about to serve. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You!! I see a lot of posts from my fellow KPOP lovers who are so sad and upset that their "bias" or "oppa" is about to enlist. I think it's honorable, even if it is MANDATORY. Continue to give your favorite Hallyu artists your love, respect, AND support for being brave enough, and proud enough, to serve their country, just like we American Vets are proud to have served ours!! Don't cry and whine, rejoice and salute!! Be Blessed Always!!
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from one vet to another: back at you @YunBao!
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Thank you for your service and this card...
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