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Growing up, we didn't have fancy things like a house alarm. But we did create our own system to make sure our house was protected. And this is how we did it...

I'm about to lay out some wisdom for y'all...

Turn On All The Lights

Every single one of them...

And the TV

To drown the silence and trick people thinking they are hearing voices from inside...

And the Radio

Just to add a little bit of more noise, as if the television set cranked up to full volume wasn't obnoxious enough...

Because then people will think, "shit -- we can't burglarize this home because EVERYONE is home!"

Not once were we burglarized.
Also, there were times we kept the front door unlocked...yep...we still never got robbed.
You're welcome.
I don't think my mom did it, but for sure one of my aunts did it and is still doing it. She'll leave the tv on blast. Lol.
Hahahahaha this is great! Im loving all your cards about Latino culture!
Bahahaha, and then there's the bonus dog. Dogs are like free alarm systems.
This is so true xD my family does this all the time!
Yeahhh. I catch myself doing that too sometimes. But then I think about the electric @jazziejazz
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