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Lookin all around me in the city where I dwell See all these distractions, faces filled with dissatisfaction While I'm just trying to figure how to start my tale I see cars, and buildings, and people tryin to be Hollywood Hear club music on radio, reality tv at every home People distracted by watching other people living wishing they had it that good Just some thoughts in my head, talkin to the ones who aren't robots yet Lettin y'all know , I feel what your goin through, it's time we take a step forward and quit lookin through our rear view Yea I can go to college and get a degree To be honest I think i can be anything But I need that passion, not the green Need to do something that makes me happy, Not feel half empty And to be honest I see myself away from the city Think in my past life I might've been a hippie To live in the wild with friends and surviving on our own That sounds like my happy home So what's stopping me It always comes down to money And the know how But this is the type of shit that needs to be handed down As humans we should all know how to survive But something was lost down the line Instead they stuff us with shit we'll never use again In order to meet minimum requirements Kids getting fed speed in the form of medicine All because their parents don't give em enough attention Heroin from the doctor to relieve that tension And it's way more expensive than the shit on the streets But shits controlled by one of the biggest mobs, the pharmaceutical company. And I won't bring up anymore cuz I can go all day. Don't get me started on the damn banks. We all need to relax a little close our eyes and open the third Was originally wide open at birth But as more time passed and the environment around us molded us to what we are today For most people we have become slaves I think we need to realize and read between the lines what's important in life. For me it's to find my true self, find my true passion , then help other people rise I know I'm just rambling and people are gonna say shits dumb , but puttin this shit out there will be all worth it, If I just reach one. If we all plant a seed, a few trees will become the forest red or blue pill, you choose I'll be Morpheus .
That is really good and true.
Your welcome @elh418
Thanx @Yami98 and @shannonl5 lmao
"I'll be Morpehus" mic drop