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Hello, all. My name is @danidee, and I am the official campaign manager of @GalaxyTacoCat's Vingle presidential campaign. This week, on Friday, November 13th, the men and women of Vingle will be asked to make a choice - who will serve them John Cena memes and an endless rain of thin-crust pizza as Vingle's first president.

On Friday, November 13th, I ask you to vote for my candidate, GalaxyTacoCat.

There is a hurricane's worth of pizza rainfall preparing to drop this weekend - all YOU need to do is make the right vote.

Plus, as previously announced, if @GalaxyTacoCat wins the election, I will share my family recipe for homemade apple fritters - just in time for the holidays!

He's also the only candidate endorsed by famous Korean idol (and fellow cat person), G-Dragon - and you guys wouldn't let GD down, would you?!

(True story: When I asked G-Dragon how he feels about GalaxyTacoCat, he said that GTC was HIS ultimate bias. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!)
So look out for the official voting poll in the News Community tomorrow, and when you're putting in your vote, consider GalaxyTacoCat. He certainly won't let you down.
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No everyoneeee vote for @InPlainSight!
@mchlyang @InPlainSight I'm getting you both kicked off the premises. SECURITY!!! SECURITY!!!!
@GalaxyTacoCat Is this why I couldn't have the planet I asked for? Did you give Uranus to @danidee ?
@inplainsight is grasping for a scandal that will never be found
I almost want to, simply because, well GD. He's amazing..... but he has dogs, yo. How's the GT-Cat feel about that? Sorry, though. Not happening. Apparently my vote is taken again. You should've posted this Yesterday. :P