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Youngjae and you were coming home from a party. You guys got home at 8:24pm. You and youngjae enter the house and took off your shoes and you went up stairs to change while youngjae was in the living room watching tv. You went back to the living room and asked youngjae what does he want for dinner. He said he wanted a sandwich. So might as well make him one. You return to the living room and gave him his sandwich you made. Thank you said youngjae. Your welcome you said. There was a silent between you guys until youngjae finish his sandwich. You got up and bring his food to the sink and wash it. Youngjae comes behind you and hugs your waist and said I'm tired let's go to sleep. Okay you said Youngjae let go of your waist and went back into the living room to turn off all the lights. While youngjae was doing that you were upstairs preparing for bed. Once you were done you got into bed and you could feel your eyes closing on you. Eventually feel asleep. Youngjae comes into the room and sees you asleep. He smiles and changed into some comfortable clothes and lay down on the bed next to you. He wraps his arm round your waist and kiss you on your cheek. You wake up to feel something around your waist. You turn you body and saw youngjae sleeping peacefully. You admire his face and kiss him on the lips and slowly feel back to sleep. Author Note: Hey guys this is my first story I made on this app but if you want me to make story's for you just comment on this or message me. Hope you enjoy