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[MLB] Hot Offseason Question
So baseball season may be over, but the stove league has begun. And I personally think this is the hottest question this offseason.

If you were the GM, which free agent pitcher would you choose - Zach Greinke or David Price?

Zach Greinke (LA Dodgers)

19 Wins 3 Losses ERA 1.66 200 Strikeouts

David Price (Toronto Blue Jays)

18 Wins 5 Losses ERA 2.45 225 Strikeouts
They are both great pitchers......but if you were the general manager of your favorite team, who would you choose?

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Gah what a good question. I kind of like Price... not going to lie. Strikeouts are important, and he looks like he's got a bit more power.
@TessStevens Yes I agree especially during tough situations you might want a pitcher that can strikeout batters. But I still want Greinke haha