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Promises are hollow things, weak in nature and even worse when you put them into reality. Promises hold you to something that you can never fulfill. There is an expectation, that is often times impossible to meet.

This is why I'm not making any promises these days, especially in my #VingleElections campaign.

I will be making goals, setting standards and creating a legacy that will long outlast that of my competitors. So it is with a heavy heart, and an open mind that I put my campaign into words, so we can all fully understand what it truly means to be the president of Vingle. With the real debates spinning around in my head, and the USA at a complete loss for words, I found it necessary to talk about some fundamental things I'd love to see come out of this election.
In the final hours of this election, I wanted to make it clear that I am on your side. There is nothing I wouldn't do to help out my fellow Vinglers, and in this time of decision, I have to admit...

I don't care if you vote for me.

My goals as far as the election goes are a little bit unorthodox. Forgive me if I don't have fancy things to give to you, or promises to make, but hear me out.

I want Vingle to be a safe place for all.

A happy place, filled with free thinkers, visionaries, artists, fans, friends, odds and ends.

I want Vingle to be an almighty, inclusive power that can take over the darkness of the internet and create a new wave of kindness, support and art all around.

My goal, or rather my hope for this election, is that we all come together, despite who you support.

I have had such a fun time getting to know all of you better. I've loved seeing everyone in different communities, branching out and making new friends. The goal for me, has always been to open the line of communication between fandoms, communities and people. I love hanging around here, and despite your interests, your passions, your creed, race, religion, body...whatever, we can all be friends.
In closing, I would like to thank those who have supported me in this race. The vision was always clear: A better Vingle, a better world. We are a family!
Thank you all for your efforts, though you were small, you were mighty, and you never made a promise you couldn't keep.
To my friends and adversaries: @TwiggyTuffsey and @PeteDoherty, you'll always have my heart.
To my supporters: You are all the future. Don't let anyone take you alive.
Thank you to everyone, and especially @nicolejb for hosting and putting this together, you are a legend!
Whether you vote for me, @galaxytacocat @paulisaghost or @InPlainSight doesn't matter. What matters is that you do vote. Please get out to the comment boxes and make your voice heard. Soon, we will have a new president, and a new era with it.

Tess Stevens

Your (hopeful) Next President
So what you're saying is you want me to vote for you, but you also don't care whether or not I vote for you.
THAT IMAGE IS AMAZING!!! Lol. thank you for an excellent elections. may the best win!
@tessstevens I'm playing with ya :P I like it
@TessStevens lol true but quietone suits me
@InPlainSight that wouldn't bother me so much as you don't disturb me
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