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You know, I'm weirdly fascinated by volcanoes. I don't know what it is about it. Hell, it's probably not all that weird, really. They are evidence of the incredible power and volatility of the planet we all inhabit. They remind us that for whatever we have accomplished, what we have wrought as a species, that shit doesn't matter in the end. Mama Earth could wash it away in waves of fire if she felt like it.
But this card isn't really about that most impressive of all natural phenomena. I've been on a real specific music kick lately, and I only really noticed the common theme today.

Sufjan Stevens - Vesuvius

I don't even really listen to Sufjan Stevens. But I was recently listening to an 8tracks playlist, and this song was on it, and when I listened to it, it made me feel things. Feely things. What strikes me as so beautiful about this song is the chorus vocals in it. I really love when there is a choir of voices singing together in a song.
I can't pretend to be able to tell you what this song means. It could mean anything from a metaphorical approach the way that there are things in our lives that seem to explode at random and blanket our perceptions in darkness, or it could literally be about the eruption of the very real volcano that buried Pompeii

Speaking of Pompeii, though....

Bear's Den - Pompeii

This is another song that came courtesy of that 8tracks playlist. No, I swear, it was not a playlist themed after geological formations. I promise. It was themed after Rivers and Roads by The Head and the Heart. I would link it here but I have lost it.
In any case, this song is hauntingly beautiful to me. It's really sad, and slow, and all about a son and his mother. I think. I might be reading the song at a surface level, and therefore missing important parts. It might be that I'm too young to understand. As the song also implies about the singer.

No easy segue here into the next song....

Miniature Tigers - Tell it To The Volcano

Ha! This one is not from that 8tracks playlist. It should be on there, though, because it kind of fits in musically, I think. I'm not a musician. I just like music a whole bunch. I had the pleasure of seeing Miniature Tigers play years ago, and I got to meet and talk with them a little bit after their set. That was when this album was new. It's also where I bought it. The whole album is "Tell it to the Volcano", and the titular (eponymous?) song is a beautiful lyrical arrangement.
Really, the whole album is the bee's knees though. (My personal favorite song is probably 'Dino Damage') The whole song kind of reeks of a relationship in a rocky spot, a place where you're getting real fed up with someone. So much so that maybe, possibly, you'd want to chuck them down into a volcano.
It be like that sometimes, man.
I have this pic as my wallpaper on my tablet and I don't know if u ever looked close to it but I see faces and stuff in the smoke of it it looks like what I think ancient gods would look like I know that sounds alil wired but o well lol @VinMcCarthy
This is awesome! As a Volcanologist, its cool to see others interested!
@TessStevens I know you're a music person, right?