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Phew! It's been quite a rollercoaster for the Vingle elections, especially this past week. Almost a month ago 5 candidates began campaigning for the title of "Vingle President" that's it really, you don't get anything except for bragging rights, but STILL.
In order for Vinglers to vote, it's important to remember to educate yourself. Similar to the real elections, we want to read and know WHY we are voting for who we are voting for.

Here's what you need to know before we hit the voting "booths" on Friday!

This team was almost out of the race... with the announcement on
BUT THEN, today we received the announcement that HE IS BACK. And promising even more...this time : AirGuitars and Air Guitar lessons.

What does this team promise?

Air Guitars, Air Guitar Lessons, Australian soda, cake, gluten free cake, and sports gifs
(did I miss something?)

The first to announce her candidacy, this lady took to the Vingle elections. the self-proclaimed House of Cards "Frank Underwood" she prides herself on being blunt and honest.

What does this team promise?

Honesty, badass music skills, and lots of #hashtags. Well, sort've... In a card she stated that she doesn't have promises but more "goals" check out all of them <<HERE>>

What is a taco cat actually? Well, turns out this candidate is actually a HUMAN raised by cats in the galaxy... (Where the tacos came in is still up for debate).

What does this team promise?

Pizza. Lot of pizza.
Also, supporter @danidee promises an Apple Fritter recipe if the team wins!

Supported by @AlloBaber this candidate came out of the shadows of the creative writing sphere. Essentially the male version of Roseanne, he promises a lot of blunt honesty but laughs.

What does this team promise?

Consistently open mindeness and badass writing that gives you feels. Check out @quiteone's writing on Vingle <<HERE>>

After GhostGate, @paulisaghost promised he would come back as a president. Though many people questioned his ability to run for president (being a ghost and all), he has yet to step down.

What does this team promise?

"Vote for Paul or He'll Haunt Your House" is essentially his slogan.

How does voting work?

1. We vote on Friday the 13th (I promise it won’t be too scary).
2. I’m asking that all candidates respond with a closing statement in the comments!
3. Voting for the candidate will be done through “Liking” their comment!
4. Voting will be for 48 hours!
I encourage supporters of candidates to comment their support, but also tag their friends to support their candidate! We want this election to be BIG.
Any questions let me know!

Thank you all for expressing your interest in voting! Now let's all get educated before the big day!

If you want to see everything that happened during the elections, feel free to peruse the Vingle Elections 2015 Collection <<HERE>> and read all the cards that went into the elections!
@InPlainSight you have my vote sir! Your diplomacy astounds me.
@InPlainSight but do you promise air guitar tutorial videos? If so. You have my vote.
CLOSING STATEMENT - We are one, but we are many and from all the lands on earth we come. Vingle is a diverse community, we may have different opinions sometimes, but what we share is respect for each other. That is what underpins Vingle. It's what makes us all come back, day after day. This is why I established a true team for this election. I am not going to pretend I could begin to represent some of the communities where I couldn't begin to contribute. I have brought together @shannonl5, @danse @butterflyblu @mattk95, @jiggzy19 and @BeannachtOraibh. Not only are they, like all of you, talented, smart, articulate people, but they also represent different areas of Vingle. Different corners of our community, and that is what this place is OUR community. Our team is built on care, respect and most importantly, FREE AIR GUITARS. Thank you all for your support. Long live Vingle.
@ObscurePoet Thank you for your kind words, and of course, your vote.
@ObscurePoet I made my imaginary friend available to everyone. He is committed to having everyone's air guitar ability to Jimi Hendrix standard in no time. Two of my team made cards demonstrating their techniques too....hold on, I'll link them.
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