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So, as @AlloBaber knows (because I've told her, not because I've tried flirting with her and it didn't go too well lol), I'm horrible at flirting. I don't understand how people do it and I can't get into it haha I'm too literal and I like to think about what comes out of my mouth before I say it. I'm able to be a smart-ass instantly, but to be flirty, I need hours to come up with something that I'm disappointed with anyways haha Yesterday, my bestest friend brought something to my attention, and the following conversation ensued:
I know there are a few typing errors, which irk me, but it's understandable =-=
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Lmao. You're adorable, my friend.
@danidee My soul mate is Australian haha ^.^ It was by pure luck that we met and I couldn't be happier or more pleased about it. @ButterflyBlu Why, ma'am? Haha >.< /.\
Lmao: "Hey, would you like to butter my biscuits? ....Sure! I love baking!" That killed me, sir! <3 Just too stinkin' cute!!
@ButterflyBlu A lot of people don't believe me, but I'm an innocent, pure mind haha ;D
@Arellano1052 I know you well enough to believe you. 💜