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Park Hyo Shin~ Top 5 Songs

Happy Together For those in school, just know that everything will be alright and we will be happy together.
Wild flower Probably one of the greatest ballads, I've ever heard in this lifetime. Obstacles will get in your way and knock you down, it will be cold like the winter, but know in the spring that you will sprout like a wildflower and be stronger than ever!
Deja Vu If we could hold hands, if my lips can touch yours it would be incredible. But this is all a de-ja vu. I wish you came back to me.
Lost You left me even though my heart hurts, how and what do I let you know how I feel for you. I am lost with out you. I know I have done wrong, but you still left me. When I see you my heart explodes. But still, you left me and I still love you.
Things I can't do for you I have something to say, something that is really hard to say. The only thing that we could right now is to break up. I have to do it because I love you. Breaking up looks hard because I have no desire to live without you. Even if we erase today, nothing will change between us, there won't be any weary issues.
hey guys, so I wanted to give you my top 5 favorite park hyo shin songs, in no order. I wanted to try to open your hearts about this man. And see why VIXX'S hongbin is a complete fanboy. not coz of his looks or dancing but talent that can make anyone of any age have 1 tear drop from their eyes when listening to this man's voice. I know this is late on my behalf but Park Hyo Shin happy 16th Anniversary. Soultrees love you no matter what and we are proud of your 16 years and plan to be apart of your future and career.
part 1 of jellyfish love.
part 2 of jellyfish love
I love park hyo shin so much
I think Wild Flower is still my favorite of all of his songs!
love Park how shin
@xiaolu00 yay soultree!
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