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I decided to watch the first episode of this anime on a whim earlier when I saw a card posted by @jeremimzy17 earlier about them liking the anime! The gifs were cute and I read the description on myanimelist, and I think I might like it.

Thoughts Before Starting

My idea is that this is going to touch on some things about memory and connections, which are two themes I love in anime! Also, the main android seems cute, so I'm excited to find out what here story is. Other than that, I don't know much about this anime's story.

Anime Details

Title: Plastic Memories
Alternative title: Plamemo
Episodes: 13
Aired Spring 2015.

Initial Impressions

I think I'm going to cry a lot watching this anime if it keeps it up with these kind of really touching stories. Seriously! I was already feeling upset whenever Isla was crying the very first time we see her, because I know I'll probably cry with her at least once. I think I loved her as much as the male MC does already. I think it's an interesting concept, and one I've though about before when it comes to synthetic life: how do we set a timeline on a life? These androids will only use 81,920 hours, which is just under 9 and a half years.
The characters we've met so far are interesting, though I'm already sad that if I get to know and like them, I will ultimately lose them (if they're androids), won't I? Either way, the first episode had me in tears, so I am enjoying it! I love when a show can make me emotional!!

Overall Episode Impressions:

Visuals: 9
Animation: 8
Sound design: 8
Storyboard: 8
World/setting: 8
Character designs: 7
OP + ED: 7
Entertainment: 9
Voice acting: 8

Am I Going to Continue?

I think I'll give at least 1-2 more episodes a try! I really enjoy the idea of this world, and I want to know what makes the female MC as quiet and introverted as she is --there's got to be more there! Plus, the male MC confessed he probably loves her within the first one minute of the show, so I need to know how that is going to develop!

Is there anyone else who likes this anime or is thinking about watching it, too? Let's chat!

But no spoilers, please XD
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I hve watched it already nd I loved it didn't want it to end keeps u in ur feelings
okay biased opinion first: WATCH IT, WATCH IT WATCH IT WATCH IT WATCH IT!!!!!. But in all honesty its a really great story and love story overall you get caught up in the job as the main story but the love story helps support it so much that it takes the main focus by the end. Its up there with "your lie in april" and "angel beats" really watch it to the end I promise it will captivate you all the way to the end
oh my gosh.... Im lik kinda confused with the girl-She talks to tsukasa like as if she has no purpose in life I mean she spaces out and reply with an error when certain things come up. Its pretty droopy for her =/
I've seen this all over and i could never find the title. thanks I'll see you all later after my binge watch ✌✌
Haa I've seen this one but never watched it,IMA start watching it!