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Tell Me What To Watch:
I keep saying "OMG I'M GOING TO WATCH THIS NEXT" but this time I mean it.
I am determined to finish "I Remember You" but after that,


I narrowed it down to two:

Sassy Go Go

I'm a HUGE Hakyeon fan so I wanted to watch this drama because of him, and Eunji is the lead of my ALL TIME FAVORITE DRAMA Reply 1997! A lot of you guys have been talking about how amazing it is, so I want to give it a try.

She Was Pretty

The gifs and random clips from this drama have been blowing up the internet. Siwon looks absolutely hilarious in this drama and I am so intrigued!


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she was pretty omg can I just say im on episodes 5 and I love LOVE it go watch it right now just stop whatever you are doing and do it.
both those dramas are really good.. but what I would like to recommend if u havent watched them yet are: secret / (some say) secret love the master's sun it's okay it's love healer they are a must watch dramas... :)