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Female soccer player disguises herself as a man!

Play like a girl?

Brenda Perez is a female soccer player from Spain. And for a short segment on a Spanish TV series, she decided to dress up as a man with a wig and some facial hair.

And she played a game with a group of male players...


and this is what happened.

Their reactions are priceless.

"Playing like a girl means you're a badass." - President Obama

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@mchlyang but let's think positive that he will stay.
2 years ago·Reply
the look on their faces was comical
2 years ago·Reply
@GinnaL13 Can't wait to hear his final decision!
2 years ago·Reply
@ClarenceDavis I know haha they all seemed really confused!
2 years ago·Reply
@mchlyang hopefully it's soon this suspense is killing me! :)
2 years ago·Reply