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Justin Timberlake's latest single "Mirrors" is proving to be a smashing hit. You won't actually see Justin until the six minutes mark but when you do, it's an explosion of Timberlake's ultra stylish self. Donning a slick black Tom Ford topcoat and turtleneck with hardware wingtips, by Christian Louboutin and a perfectly sculpted hair for accessories, the man kills it again in the style department! Black is the key of this look, with a few flashy items to attract attention. How can you achieve a similar look? Here are the things that you will need: - The Overcoat: Justin was wearing a Tom Ford overcoat, most likely it's the Black Double Wool Cashmere Military Coat from the designer's collection for Autum-Winter 2011 which can be found here: Since Winter has almost passed and overcoats have already been cleared out of clothing stores, it's hard to find a suitable substitute for this. However, there are some options that you can try. Zara's Black Double Breasted Military Coat is a great substitute here: Or if you are familiar with the Korean retailer site Gmarket, there are also some great options to choose from such as this: - The Turtleneck: Again, winter's almost over so it might be hard to find a good black turtleneck to replicate this look. However, Uniqlo should have some affordable ones at their stores. Gmarket also has some great options for turtleneck such as this: - The Pant: I'm sure the black dress pant that JT has is also from some couture designers but for normal folks, you can also try your own black pants for similar effect. Just make sure that the pant is well-fitting and suits your body type. Pleated pants (the one with creases on the waits and a lot of room in the leg) are generally for large men or athletic men who can benefit from the extra room of fabric while flat-front pants which hug the body closer is more suitable for slim guys. I will talk more about this in future cards. - The Shoes: most likely Justin was wearing the new Metal Henri Flat by Christian Louboutin. The slip-on shoe comes in black leather with the wingtip details added to the toebox of the shoe in metal. The design of the shoes is an unique creation of Louboutin so it might be hard to find something similar with a lower price tag. But you can browse through other similar wingtips options on Nordstrom here: If you are a real hardcore fan, you can even try to put the metal filling on the shoes by yourself or hire someone capable of doing so. In the upcoming card: How to Achieve the Hairstyle of Justin Timberlake in Mirrors
He looks so suave!
Yes, this outfit is absolutely fantastic. He wears it so well.
Jesus, this is awesome! Thanks for the guide!