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To start I feel like a bad Exotic (yes I still go by Exotic because let me live) for not posting this sooner. This video was absolutely wonderful and the song is bae. Idk if anyone has heard the full song but the video is not the full length of the song. I don't really know why SM or whoever was in charge didn't produce a full mv but I'm not gonna argue because the song makes up for the short mv. Anyway, my babies slayed and I might seem a bit biased but Kai sounded amazing! His vocals have gotten so much better and this man right her pulled a TaeMin faster than TaeMin did, if that makes sense. He lowkey became a triple threat. He went from rapper to singer whike dancing the whole time. Like YAAAAAAS BABY! I feel like a proud mother when thinking of him(lol). Then ChanYeol's rap had me just as dead as his rap in Promise. So full of force and the deepness of his voice just steals my soul and refuses to return it. Exo boys did an amazing job here and I couldn’t have been prouder.