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My best friend won't see me! No matter what I say to him or how many times I ask. He's the only friend that lives closest to me and has no obligations. So I don't understand why he won't hang out with me. He gives no excuse...no reason...I'm just left to my assumption. My other best friend has no time for me. She has five children and I only see her once or twice a week. Sometimes weeks pass before we see each other and it's never for long. We enjoy each other's company but I'm going through so much these days that I often need a friend. Especially with the fact that everyone, including my husband, is under stress and pressure, and I'd love the opportunity to be around someone who is free of all that. I just cannot understand, and it hurts me every time I ask and he turns me down.
You may have to be very blunt and ask him WHY he won't see you. I've dealt with that... with a male friend not wanting to see me and not knowing why. I started noticing the pattern and it all had to do with the person I was dating. He didn't want be around him. Is it possible he's wrestling with feelings like that? Sometimes we have to try to force communication in order to save a relationship. Other times, we have to be patient. *Hugs*
You must find your strength outside of others :;) I think that will help you not only make new friends, but gain the courage to forge your own path alone! It might be a good time for you to discover yourself. Don't sweat it, people come and go.
Thanks guys.I've tried everything. I gave up on that on Sunday. I was near his house and even though I knew he was gonna say no,I still asked if I could come over(which I wouldn't have done anyway). Then I forgot about asking him to come out to meet me.
@ButterflyBlu is right. Sometimes you really gotta shovel it out of the friend.
I am so sorry. It sucks when you don't really have any communication with a friend, to find out why is it that they are neglecting the friendship. I hope that the next time you're able to speak with your friend, you talk about that.
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