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School for some kids can be a nightmare. I have heard countless stories of disasters that took place in a classroom.
Today Reddit held a ‘What was the most awkward thing you witnessed in a school classroom?‘ thread which lets loose some of the most odd situations I have heard in quite some time.
Some of the odd moments shared were:
School takes us away to some farm for a sex ed camp. We’re all sitting outside as a priest is giving a presentation on “the importance of abstinence” or something like that to a bunch of 13 year old guys, two donkeys start getting it on right behind him.
My 10th grade Geometry teacher was a heavier lady with big ole’ sloppy boppies, if you know what I mean. Well one day those warlocks just started to lactate out of nowhere, like full streams running down her shirt via the nipple area. She decided to ignore this and continued to teach the class.. a very disgusted class.
Edit: no my teacher was not Ms. Choksondik
In 7th grade, there was this girl that was known for doing all kinds of weird shit. She cut a chunk of her hair off and left it on my friend’s desk as a birthday present, meowed at people and cried when anyone stepped on a bug. The most awkward incident happened when she dropped her pencil during a test. I guess she was too shy to ask the person next to her for it so she tried to stretch for it and ended up flipping her desk over. She then continued to do her test in her desk sideways for another ten minutes until the teacher told another student to flip her over.
What's the weirdest thing you have seen in a classroom?
I cannot compete with any of the ones listed above!
I feel like fakebirkin just described my middle school best friend Janice.