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When your dating advice needs an upgrade

Last week we got some dating advice from Nick Fury, and @PrinceCampbell requested an appearance by The Hulk to answer some of Vingle's toughest dating questions. Well, we're really lucky to have him here with us this week! Leave your tough questions in the comments and I'll make sure he gets back to you! Easy, right?

Have at it Love Bugs!

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How do u get senpai to notice u
2 years ago·Reply
How would you help out your best friend, who is depressed about not having anyone interested in them, while you yourself are dating someone and it is only feeding their depression? D:
2 years ago·Reply
@grewellerivera I'm sure Hulk will have some good advice for you but until he gets back to everyone we're here for you too <3
2 years ago·Reply
Aw thanks @shannonl5 IRL issues >.<;;
2 years ago·Reply
@grewellerivera sure thing! <3
2 years ago·Reply