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This guy hit it on the nose. I think we should celebrate the change and not be so quick to shoot this group down. To be quite honest I think this is Rania's best release since their debut. Not because one of the members is black, but because they've worked so hard. I can tell that they're giving it their all this time around and I appreciate it. And all the other members of Rania seem to already love Alex like a sister. I just wish people would open their eyes and minds to what in actuality is a beautiful thing. If they can accept her, why can't you?
I'm looking forward to this. It gives some hope to those of us non-Korean Westerners who are auditioning for the Kpop companies. All the big companies have said they believe the dawn of non-Asian Kpop is upon us, but someone has to set the precedent by doing it successfully, before they will all jump on board. Here's to Rania and Alex. I wish them all the success in the world! YOU GO GIRL!
yuss it did @hyolouxx XD lol maybe I'll be the first thick girl lol I just need to sing better.... and learn how to dance and I'm already so I got that down and my cheeks will make me look young for another 20 years lol but anyway yeah. Yay for diversity!!!
This is awesome I wish them the best of luck and I do hope that it opens up more doors to those who are not Korean I myself want to audition as a Kpop idol and I hope I can make it in Mexican by the way but I have hopes and dreams just like everyone else and I hope I also get everyone's full support when I make it
@MissyKim I hope the same thing too. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction for diversity being accepted in the realm of KPop. (I hope that made sense)
but she still skinny as heck..... anyway I'm actual happy about it ^^ don't get me wrong but as for me I wish was a big girl or a thick healthy girl like me