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The half way mark of the NFL season is here!
With half of the season under our belts, commentators and journalists across the globe are collecting stats for the stars across the league to begin throwing out names for the big awards at the end of the year.
There has been a lot of injuries and streaky play for countless players across the league, but here is a list of three players that should be near the top of everyone's MVP ballot at this point in the year.
Tom Brady, New England Patriots.
Stats: 2,709 yards passing, 22 tds, 2 Ints.
The Patriots are 8-0 on the season.
Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings.
Stats: 169 yards 758 on the ground for 4.5 yards per carry. He is on pace to win the running title at age 30.
The Vikings are 6-2 right now.
Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers
Stats: 14 tds, 9 Int, 1,820 yds passing. 343 yards, 5 tds on the ground. The Panthers are 8-0 right now.

Who would you choose for MVP right now?

Gotta give it to Tom Brady. He's still top class!
cam jus because he's my favorite qb right now gotta love the guy. but we'll see when it comes to playoffs time
@yaakattackk,I gotta go with you on this one. Cam is playing great this year.