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a character that I really love would have to be Sasuke. Now I love 99% of the naruto characters, in fact the only characters that I can say I hate with a passion are Danzo, koharu and homura (though I don't particularly like the daimyo either) but the reason I chose Sasuke is because I feel like he gets a lot of hate which I don't really understand
as a child, sasuke can be seen as a bit of a brat, but in a cute 6 year old way who loves his brother and strives for his father's recognition. after being kept in the dark about everything going on in his clan, he comes home to find his brother splattered in blood standing over the corpses of his parents. he gets put under the tsukiyomi by itachi which mentally affects him and grows up alone an orphan shouldering the responsibility of having to kill his brother on his shoulders. unlike naruto who also grew up alone, sasuke wouldn't let anybody in. and when naruto was attacked by itachi and he attempted to fight him, he realized that he was too weak and so, with a little peer pressure, he left the village and went to orochimaru for power.
so I can go into a lot more detail about sasuke's messed up life but my point is that sasuke, though 17, is still a young innocent confused and lonely child with PTSD which is why I love him so much
after becoming strong he kills orochimaru and itachi, only to find out that itachi messed up his own life and became a hated criminal in order to protect his dear little brother. this was told to him by Tobi, who is technically the leader of the akatsuki, so sasuke agrees to help Tobi in order to get help to destroy the village that destroyed his brother and him.
I like this a lot! I'm not a super huge fan of sasuke, though I don't hate him either. I just thought he was generally a little annoying in his pursuit of destroying konoha, even after his brother told him that everything he did was to protect it
@LaqondaHope I liked him too
I liked his brother
@sasunaru Woo!! Thanks for joining in ^^ clipped to the contest collection!