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this election definitely changed me some and I know I don't have a chance in hell of winning I'm too unknown. I don't care which of my opponents wins since they're all good bullshit artists. I want to apologize for the one night of debates where I lost my cool. I have borderline personality and it makes me weird some times. if by some magical miracle I become your president I wouldn't change much. we all coexist well and why mess up a good thing? I'd keep it as is and make sure we understand where everyone is coming from on things. I don't have fancy promises or goals to buy your loyalty. I just have a plan to keep it the peaceful place it is and keep doing what I love. that's making great writing for you all to read enjoy and maybe feel something new. I wanna thank my team especially my vp who had my back throughout this election. that's all I have to say and if you actually read this good for you, you know I exist. whether you vote for me is up to you and doesn't really matter to me. no matter the outcome I'll do what I always have. @nicolejb
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@danidee never has anchovies tbh
ohhhh anchovies are good! @quietone! :)
@nicolejb it seems like you either hate em or love em
@quietone They're good! They're really salty, but if you like salty flavored things like olives and things like that, you'd really like them.
@danidee I def need to try em