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yes this picture has nothing to do with this. it is to lighten the mood. i am making this to show a side of being at my age and witnessing my relationships and their problems. i am 19. don't let my age discern you from this. just hear this out. I have personally never had a good relationship, almost every woman, all but 1 cheated on me. i have not ever cheated. even then, i have been used in all of my relationships. in the end im always the bad one. everyone i care about gets turned against me. the feeling of being cheated on time and time again; is deplorabe. i don't trust women enough to get into another relationship. ( please do not think i am attacking women in any way shape or form) i have torn my heart out for the women i had love for. it was never enough. inside my head i tortured myself for months, i told myself i wasn't enough. they would always want someone more. then after my last relationship i thought: i need my time, ispent my time fixing myself. a cheater, man or woman deserves nothing. you are stating to another that they aren't good enough for you to just be theirs, when it happens to you, you get mad about it. don't be a hipocrit. thanks to all the ones who have cheated, i may never have a good relationship. even if we tell ourselves it's okay we live with the pain and memories. i may be young but i know these feelings all to well. thank you for reading. please take care of your partner, not use them.
*Hugs* I know.
i need to find a tsundere hahaha