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I don't make the ships, I just sail them...

Yeah okay that analogy doesn't make much sense. What I really mean to say is: These aren't my opinion, they're just the most popular ships according to the volume of fic written. I swear on my little fangirl heart that every ship is beautiful. You know how I say I'm a fan of fandoms? Well, I also ship myself with ships.
Let's get started, shall we?

Slash Ships

Stucky (Steve x Bucky)
Stony (Steve x Tony)
Cherik (Charles x Erik)
Clint x Phil
Thorki (Thor x Loki)

Femslash Ships

Cartinelli (Peggy x Angie)
Gemma x Skye
Black Pepper (Natasha x Pepper)

Q+ Ships

(Swapped or queer) Loki x Angela
... all right so we need to step up our game in this category. Granted, there are a lot of fics that feature non-canonical bisexual, queer, and trans pairings. Canon just needs to catch up to us!
Remember, these are just the most popular right now!! If your ship didn't make the list let me know! Maybe we can work on making yours popular on Vingle...
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@trin1991 lol every ship is my favorite ship XD
I will sail any ship!! I approve of them all XD
@shannonl5 you're definitely welcome. they're both such strong characters also.yes Johnlock is the best and has some of the best fanfics lol
also bucky and Steve <3
@ChosenKnight so true. There were some great writers shipping Johnlock :D