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Well most girls/women does this and hides it from their boyfriend, friends, or even their parents. The reason Girls does this is because they are really really truly hurt deep down inside. So us guys/men's Must understand this situation and bear with girl feelings. If your the one who hurt her and she had to go through pains, then you must be the medicine to her disease and heal her.
Absolutely true. I'm typically a quieter person offline. However, if I'm mad, I will yell and debate all you want. (@arellano1052, why did I think of you when I wrote that?? Lol) Probably more than anyone wants. But if I go silent, I'm truly hurting. That's my way of stopping myself before I say something I can't take back. It's also a wall that I throw up to protect myself. It took a LONG time to learn where that line is for myself. I know some women work the silent treatment out of spite. (I have several friends who do. >.<) I don't and won't. We have to communicate to make relationships work. So yeah, if I'm silent, I'm truly falling apart inside. You're a wise man. :)
@ButterflyBlu this is a truth for me as well. and I use the dead of night to silently shed some tears.
@VeronicaArtino oh, honey, yes. Nights are the worst...