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just got done watching it, and let me tell you... I LIKE!! lol Now it's time for bed at 12:30am. let me know how you guys liked the concert and if you were there :)
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just finished watching it. so good. they never disappoint. there were some funny moments like, "that's it. I'm done" or Daesung's favorite word of the night was " New Jersey " lol. I only wish the crowd was a bit more lively at the beginning.
I was at the concert that night. ...I personally could not have been more pumped up. I jumped up and down and screamed for 2 hours straight. I think there were less people that night than Saturday. it was impossible to be louder.
I bought 2 tickets for that concert and I was flying from Florida to see them. I couldn't go cause my dad took all my money and shut down my bank account so I couldn't buy plane tickets. me and my mom were going together to see them.