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SeaWorld is Sending Orcas to the Middle East
After Sea World announced that 2016 would be the last year of the Orcha Show at the San Diego (FINALLY!), Sea World has more big changes...
And it's not Pro-Orca.

They are moving their show to the Middle East instead.

There was a bit of backlash...

The California Coastal Commission stopped them from moving abroad for their expansion of breeding orcas in the location.
And SeaWorld wasn't pleased
CEO Joel Manby stated that SeaWorld intends to fight the ruling. "We will challenge it in court," he said.
Shipping the orca's to a country where there is less of a stigma against whales in captivity would mean they could bring back their Orca show again.

Maybe the middle east needs to watch Blackfish...

What do my ocean peeps think about this?
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regardless of political and company interests i think wild animals should be out in the wild doing taking their part on the circle of life not performing shows to entertain people. what gives the right to people to take these amazing mammals from their natural environment and make them work for them? that's BS
Yes, thank you for those points @sushistorm27 and @sieveta, maybe we should question why these show exist in the first place! and if they are ethical!
@sieveta Yeeeessss! I do not care for any human being to use animals in ANY way just so they can make money from the animals working. BS for sure! 馃槵馃槙馃槪