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Otaku forever (^.^)
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@JoemichealBourg I've watched anime for about seven years now since 5th grade( i can pretty much understand a whole converstation of japanese without reading subtitles which is pretty sad)lol most anime does not have gore (i love my sports animes) although a lot does but the same goes for american cartoons. It really doesn't matter as long as you specify that it's japanese. But anyways Manga is better馃槑馃槝
All the time people call them cartoon and inside I feel disappointment at those who see it that way.
I love anime to death but they are cartoons from japan. don't let it insult you if someone tries to demean it. They can go back to watching their crappy t.v.
this is why I always have a fukin Bibi gun rifle when I'm watching anime in public or around my brother