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I've been meaning to post this card for a while now, because I was so excited when I got these notifications, but I keep getting distracted writing other things. Anyway. I have some exciting news to share with you all – a bunch of my Love & Relationships cards got translated into Korean!!! And apparently, KOREAN PEOPLE LOVE THEM.
I've noticed Vingle's translate feature myself, but I've never tried using it. I'm not sure how this user found my cards, but I'm happy they did, because this is a way to share my writing with the world that I never could have done on my own!! So thank you, @SsumGu0509 :D I'm so honored that you chose to translate my cards!!! And I'm so happy to see how well they've done :D


The cards that got translated, in the order of their appearance above (just in case you missed any and wanted to check them out ^_^):
Featuring tips on rebooting a love that feels a little stagnant!
Aren't the great loves always the most difficult ones?
I interview two friends on some classic telltale signs of female interest. (This one I believe was actually broken down into two parts in the translation, but it's based on a single card.)
For the shy, the tongue-tied, and the conversationally challenged. Never face awkward silence again!
These, of course, are my personal opinion. But I'm totally right, so.
The title is self-explanatory.
More basics of flirting by yours truly, a fully certified lady.
If one of your cards gets translated, you'll get a notification about it – that's how I realized this was going on! And if you speak any other languages, you should totally peruse your favorite communities in other languages and do some translation :D Feel free to translate my cards in to whatever language you choose – I love knowing that people all over the world are reading my words!!! :D
@marshalledgar I once received some excellent advice. Never concern yourself with how widely you are appreciated, moreso how deeply you are appreciated by those who matter to you.
@AlloBaber congrets. I am happy for you and I hope I'll get that lucky one day too :)
Thanks everyone!! :D @InPlainSight excellent advice. I'm gonna take it even though it wasn't meant for me ;)
right on sweety!!!!!
@marshalledgar Love, not cakes it seems...
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